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4 oz | 120 ml

Can be used for women, men, & children

For all hair types

Stops breakage & promotes hair growth

All products are in dark amber glass to protect ingredients.


Sasu Flavas Onion Hair Oil

  • Grapeseed Oil: Seals in moisture, adds shine, loosens buildup & dandruff at the scalp & promotes hair growth.

    Onion is rich in sulfur which prevents breakage & split ends. Onions provide nutrients for scalp & promotes hair growth. Onion prevents greying, treats dandruff, moisturizes & conditions scalp.

    Moringa Oil: Acts as a moisturizer for the scalp. Promotes scalp health and hair growth.

    Avocado Oil: promotes hair growth & moisture.

    Black Jamaican Castor Oil:  stops breakage, & promotes hair growth,

    Peppermint Oil:  stimulates hair growth

    Lavender Oil:  boost hair growth,

    Rosemary Oil:  thickens hair.

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