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Sasu Flavas® is an online catering hub that specializing in authentic Caribbean cuisine with a touch of African flair! Each dish is created with impeccable flavors by owner and head chef, Ima Sasu. You don’t have to dream of going to the Caribbean for vacation; with every bite, Sasu Flavas brings a fresh taste of the islands right to you. 


We offer tasty cuisine and island juices. If you are looking for traditional Jollof Rice, Sasu Flavas makes the best Ghana Jollof Rice in the DC Metropolitan area. Each dish is prepared with fresh herbs and spices. Our Ginger Sorrel and Ginger Pineapple juices contain fresh and natural ingredients.


We also offer signature dishes such as the Sasu Coleslaw that is tropical in beauty and very tasty. You will feel like you are on an island vacation of your dream. The Sasu Juicy Lamb Roast is another signature dish infused with impeccable flavor. 


We offer both pickup and delivery to your home and social events. Sasu Flavas is a one-stop catering hub just for you. We are excited to serve you!



Ima Sasu


Ima Sasu grew up on the Caribbean Island of St. Croix. She serves in the community as a Nurse Practitioner and minister of the gospel.


One of her skills that she enjoyed from a noticeably young age was cooking. She has three siblings, and she was the one who always took the lead when it came to helping her mom in the kitchen or cranking up the grill outside. While everyone was chilling in their room, she was always helping her mom cook. Ima Sasu observed her mom’s cooking, and she began to mimic her recipes. 


As she grew older, she loved to invite family and friends over for fellowship. She would prepare and cook everything, and her guests would always compliment how great the food tasted. Around the winter holiday season, she would make a very well-known juice in the Caribbean called “Sorrel.” She would make lots of bottles and give them away to friends and family.  


One day her husband suggested that she start selling juices.  She gave it a shot and sold her first ten juices to friends in December 2019. In January 2020, during the pandemic, she started her business, Sasu Flavas, and has created Sasu Flavas Natural Hair Oil. Ima Sasu believes that everyone should enjoy delicious food with flavor versus a plate of food that looks only pretty to the eyes. Ima Sasu is excited to serve you!

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