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Are you looking for tasty, yummy food that will impress your family and guests? Do you need help to stop hair shedding, dryness and no growth?

Sasu Flavas is your one stop catering hub for homemade, tasty dishes, and handmade natural hair oil. Every dish is infused with fresh herbs and spices. Our natural hair oil has bomb flavas that will get your scalp healthy and growing.

Let Sasu Flavas dishes make your family & friends love you even more after you serve them our impeccable dishes for lunch or dinner. Your hair needs nutrients to get it healthy and growing too. Our natural hair oil will wake up your scalp to grow more hair and it will stay healthy while growing.

I know you can't wait to experience a taste of Sasu Flavas. Here is a quick video for you and then you can stop by our order online page and order up!!!


“Let me tell you all about Sasu Flavas food!  Rice & peas - De-lish; Curry Chicken - De-lish; Fried Rice - De-lish; Sorrel - De-lish.  All foods are fresh with no added chemicals.  So don’t just take my word for it, you just have to place an order TODAY, & try these awesome & scrumptious foods for yourselves.  The hands of the Chef are truly anointed! Bon Appetit!”

Terrian H., Silver Spring, Maryland