Where Everything Is Prepared With Impeccable Flavas!



Sasu Coleslaw
Tropical coleslaw with fresh fruity flavas.
1 quart - $15.00


Sasu Vegetable Medley
Steamed cabbage, carrot, red & yellow peppers, fresh thyme, rosemary with hint of olive oil.
1 quart - $14.00


Sasu Potato Salad
Made with a sweet to tangy tasty flava with hint of mustard.
1 quart - $18.00


Sasu Curry Garbanzo (ChickPeas)

& Black Beans
Fresh aroma of spices and herbs makes this a tasty dish for

lunch or dinner.
1 quart - $12.00   ½ foil pan - $25.00


Sasu Fried Plantains
Sweet, yellow fried plantains as a side option with any dish.
1 pint - $10.00

Signature Dishes


Sasu Curry Chicken
Made to perfection with curry, fresh herbs & spices.
1 quart - $15.00   ½ foil pan - $40.00


Sasu Jerk Chicken
Grilled with hot jerk seasonings

& spices.
1 quart - $18.75   ½ foil pan - $48.50


Sasu Ox Tail Stew
Juicy, tender ox tail with fresh

herbs & spices.
1 quart - $20.00   ½ foil pan - $52.00


Sasu Juicy Steak
Grass fed organic steak marinated with wine, fresh herbs, sautéed onions & spices. Steak comes with choice of fresh string beans or asparagus.
10 oz. Rib Eye Steak - $28.50
10 oz. New York Strip - $32.50


Sasu Buffalo Hot Wings

Made with homemade Sasu sauce.
1 quart - $20.00   ½ foil pan - $45.00


Sasu Signature Lamb

Lamb shoulder marinated with Sasu lamb seasoning, fresh herbs & spices. Great dish for social events, dinner, or holiday events.


Sasu Curry Tofu

Tofu with fresh curry sauce, onions, fresh herbs, & sweet peppers.
1 quart - $18.50   ½ foil pan - $42.00


Sasu Salmon
Grilled salmon marinated with wine, fresh herbs & spices. Comes with side of ChickPeas, red peppers, and roasted eggplant. Made with 6 pieces of salmon.


Sasu Stew Fish

Fried or steamed fish stewed in fresh tomato, onions, green peppers, fresh herbs, & spices. Choice of fish is snapper or blue fish.
1 Snapper -  $14.00
1 Blue Fish - $12.00

Signature Rice Dishes


Sasu Rice & Red Beans

Jasmine rice with coconut milk,

fresh herbs & spices.
1 quart - $13.50   ½ foil pan - $28.50


Ghana Joluf Rice
Jasmine rice, fresh tomatoes, fresh herbs & spices.
½ foil pan - $35.00


Sasu Veggie Brown Fried Rice

Basmati brown rice with olive oil, fresh green peas, carrot, sweet peppers, cabbage, fresh herbs, & spices. Option to add egg or no egg.
1 quart - $15.00    ½ foil pan - $30.00

Add Chicken - $5.00,  Tofu - $6.00,  Shrimp - $8.00

Sasu Veggie Fried Rice

Jasmine rice with fresh green peas, carrot, sweet peppers, cabbage, fresh herbs, & spices with option to

add egg or no egg.
1 quart - $15.00    ½ foil pan - $30.00

Add Chicken - $5.00,  Tofu - $6.00,  Shrimp - $8.00

Homemade Drinks


Sasu Ginger Sorrel

Red hibiscus flower with ginger and other natural flavas. Hibiscus flower is rich in antioxidants. Serve cold.
½ gallon - $12.00    1 gallon - $20.00

Sasu Ginger Pineapple
Fresh ginger, pineapple, lemon, lime and fresh spices. Rich in Vitamin C. Serve cold or hot.
½ gallon - $18.00    1 gallon - $28.00

“Sasu Flavas sorrel drink is so delicious. You can taste all the wonderful ingredients packed in it. It’s so robust that I can dilute it with some water. And not lose the flavor. I’ve order the drink before and will do it again. I highly recommend that you try it. You too will be a repeat customer.“ Stephanie S., Hyattsville, MD