Sasu Flavas is owned and operated by Ima Sasu. 
Ima Sasu has always cooked and prepared meals for family, friends, and for social events. She attributes her cooking skills to watching her mom's cooking as a young child growing up in the Virgin Islands.  

Sasu Flavas was officially launched on January 1, 2020. 
Sasu Flavas offers catering and meal preparation services for families, the elderly, church events, birthday parties, and other social events. All meals and drinks are prepared homemade with fresh herbs and spices that produce impeccable flavas. 
Sasu Flavas uses healthy ingredients in every dish that is offered so that you are never lacking in any nutrients.   These fresh ingredients is what makes Sasu Flavas your one stop place for yummy, tasty, and  flavorful food for your palate.   

Sasu Flavas is here to serve you with excellent and quality service.

About Us


“I purchased a large order of the Sasu Brown Rice with fresh vegetables and it was absolutely delicious! The rice was just right. I shared it with a few friends and everyone enjoyed it! I look forward to purchasing more dishes from the Sasu anointed kitchen and meals!“  Mary J. Clinton, MD